Description of the Open Agency service

General description

Open Agency is a web service interface for looking up various parameters for libraries and other service vendors in the VIP-database ( These include technical information such as encryption parameters, order policies for use in ORS, Open Search profiles as well as practical information about a library (contact information, opening hours).

Supported communication methods are SOAP, HTTP POST (XML-requests) and HTTP GET (URL-requests). Supported output formats are SOAP and XML.

Available versions of the service and corresponding WSDL, XSD and sample requests can be found below.

End-of-life date for versions older than 2.34 is October 1, 2018.


Version Environment Endpoint WSDL XSD
2.34 production
2.34 extern test
2.34 staging

Service operations


This operation provides information about the agencies’ preferences regarding automatic forwarding of end user requests as ill requests to other agencies. This operation is used by the Open Resource Sharing system.


Operation for looking up encryption information related to a specific email address, used when sending encrypted emails to an agency. This operation is used by the Open Resource Sharing system.

End User Order Policy

This operation makes it possible to look up whether a specific agency wants to recieve orders from endusers on this type of material. The operation is used by the Open Order sevice.

Find Library

Operation for searching general contact information and alike about a given library

Get CULR Profile

Retrieve information about a library’s CULR-profile

Get Registry Info

Provides contact information, server adresses and ILL-parameters for local registry updates

Get SAOU License Info

Retrieve information on how to to access remote content

Name List

This operation is for receiving a list of agency ids (ISIL numbers) and names of either public libraries (Folkebibliotek) or university and research libraries (Forskningsbibliotek).

Open Search Profile

This operation retrieves information about which data sources are included in a given library’s profile when the searching with Open Search.

Pickup Agency List

This operation can be used for retrieving a list of all public and/or research libraries including contact information, pickup agency information and opening hours.

Remote Access

Using this operation, you can get information about an agency’s subscriptions to licensed resources with remote access.

Request order

This operation retrieves a prioritised list of which agencies materials must be ordered from for a given agency.


The service operation looks up information about a specific agency regarding various services provided by that agency. It can also look up directory information about an agency. The following services are available (most of the are used in ORS):

License Terms

The web service is published under the GPLv3 license.